Story behind AAMO- Handcrafted Jewelry Made In Nepal Apr 8, 2016 | Info | 0 Comments

AAMO-Handcrafted Jewelry

The cities and villages that constitute the Kathmandu valley has been home to some of the world’s most unique artisans, whose designs and creations have left an imprint that has brought to life a distinctive culture and tradition of arts. Here, among the brick-laid lanes of the old cities, local artisans have kept alive the traditions that have made this valley historically and culturally significant. This is what AAMO is about.

My designs are inspired by all that is Kathmandu and beyond. The current collection incorporates a range of handcrafted jewelry that has been inspired by the motifs found in the old cities of the valley. It brings alive the classic Newari symbols and Buddhist motifs that are to be found in these timeless cities. Every piece has its own narrative.

I works with artisans who have continued the old ways to create a sustainable product line that blends the contemporary with the traditional.

- Aayusha Shrestha (Designer/Founder, Aamo)

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